Vyapar Vridhi ke Upay, Vyapar Vridhi Totke in Hindi

In today’s world of competition, everyone is looking forward to grow their business. Here I am giving a few vyapar vridhi ke upay for the businesspeople which will expand their business and spare it from evil eyes.  Use these vapar Vridhi totke to grow your business more rapidly.

  • When you open the shop/office in the morning, clean/get it cleaned and afterward light a deepak and incense stick before Goddess Laksmi’s picture. Chant the following mantra 5 times and after that begin the day’s worth of effort.

Om Shri Shukla Mahashukle Nivaase or Shri Mahalakshmi Namo Namaha

  • If you utilize a measuring scale in your business, clean it every day in the morning before utilizing it. On the off chance that you have an electronic one, then you can utilize a light wet fabric to clean it.
  • Never let your first client do a reversal in the morning with practically nothing regardless of the fact that it implies slight misfortune.


  • If your permanent client is abandoning you and heading off to some other shop/business, take couple of petals of marigold bloom, smash them and make glue. Apply a tilak of this glue on your temple and after that discussion to that client. He won’t go anyplace else.
  • Take 11 leaves of peepal on each Tuesday. Take some red shoe, include few drops of ganga jal to it to make a wet glue of it. Utilize your ring finger to compose “Ram” from this glue on each of the peepal leaf and after that offer every one of the leaves in a Hanuman sanctuary. In the event that you are not a hindu, then you can compose the name of your God and offer it in your religious spot. Your business will never slump on the off chance that you continue doing it.
  • Take a crude cotton string. Make wet glue of saffron and dunk this string in this glue. Tie this string at wherever inside your office. Business will develop.
  • Take 7 green chilies and one yellow lemon. Tie every one of them together and pass a dark string through them the entire thing will look like as given in the photo as an afterthought. Hang it on the fundamental entryway of your home/business foundation on Saturday morning. Ensure it doesn’t touch the leaders of the general population entering or leaving the entryway. You can transform it every day, week after week or month to month. Offer the old one in a sanctuary or discard a long way from your foundation or home. It spares the home/business from hostile stares.

I hope these vyapar vridhi ke upay, or  vapar Vridhi totke will be helpful for you. If these do not work anymore then contact our expert astrologer. He will provide you some another solutions to grow your business.

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